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On the ONLINE registration process, you can easily add your athletes, teams, and staff and add each team to whichever events they will attend. The information is saved and stored in an account just for you that you can use year after year.

  1. Go to

  2. Create your RegChamp account or log in to your current account

  3. Create your teams under the teams section

    • Click “Create Express Team without Roster” then follow the prompts to create your team, select the event(s), and pick a division.

      1. # of athletes= total number of athletes on the team, Males/Crossover= out of the total how many are males or crossovers  

    • Using the excel template add your athletes to your participants/teams in one step

    • If you are a USASF program- you can select “import USASF Roster” and follow the prompts to directly upload teams from USASF.

      1. Program MUST have selected an event on USASF with 3P comps & added teams to utilize this roster import

  1. Register each team for their specific events and select their division

  2. Your invoice will be automatically generated for each event

  3. Pay online or Mail in a check payment with a copy of your invoice to: insert payment info if you accept checks

Any registration questions can be directed to insert name of who you want them to contact at  insert contact info

  • You will need a login to register. If you can't login, use the Account & Password Reminder feature or contact us for help. If you have multiple RegChamp accounts with different companies, you may need to create a new account or contact us for help.

  • You can change your athlete numbers and division information as the event draws closer. 

  • Registration can be submitted for an event without payment.

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